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Planning your holidays  and thinking about renting a car ? In this article we will tell you about the head 7 steps of renting a car: choosing rental company and a car to drive, documents you need, booking, agreement, insurance and the payment.

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Here are top 6 reasons you should rent a car in Kazakhstan


1. Of course first of all you should rent a car in Almaty for not sitting at one place for the all time of your journey.  You have alternative to a rental car: public transport, but it can't as comfortable as rental car. Own car will give you more freedom to discover the all beauty of Kazakhstan.


2. Renting a car is not a high price feature and it will not take you much time for documentation. 


3. One of the head reasons to rent a car in Almaty is that Kazakhstan not so small that you maybe imagine, so anyway you will need transport to discover the whole country.


4. And you must rent a car in Almaty if you are in here for business meetings. It will show you business status and also give you chance to use your time more optimal.


5. You can test the car you like and maybe it will be next car you buy in your country.


6. Take care for things you buy during shopping in Almaty.


 Hertz company nowadays offers one of the best rental services in Kazakhstan. We proudly present Hertz Global's services on local market (Almaty).


Hertz Car Sales Dealership

You Always Have a Choice! 
Make your choice with us, and get the guaranteed lowest prices for all cars.


You Always Have a Choice!
Make your choice with us, and get the guaranteed lowest prices for all cars.


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