Do you need to rent a car ?

 You need rental car, if you are planning visit many sightseeings and generally do many transfers between country.

You don't need rental car, if:

You plan generally stay at one place, for example beach and ski resorts.

You don't want drive through the journey and stop using alcohol drinks.

You are not a self-confident driver. Especially if the rules are differ from your country.

1. Requires to the drivers

The requires to the drivers may differ in different countries. Generally in many countries you should be at least 21 years old, rarely you can meet require for 24 or 25 years old. And maybe in some countries you should have driving experience at least 24 months.

2. When and where rent a car. Rental companies

Usually you can rent a car for a less price if you book many days before your visit than at a place. Plus you can choose the car you actually want to drive if you order before the journey.

When you are choosing rental company you can choose local company or international. We don't recommend visit small agencies.

3. Which car choose

All rental cars are separated between classes. Generally rental companies don't guarantee the right car you chose and offer 2-3 models in a category you booked.

Any company has its own categories, but usually there are economy, middle, premium or A,B,C,D,E. See which cars are included in each categories than choose your one.

4. Early booking

All big companies offer online booking. Actually it's very similar to hotel's booking process. Just follow the steps that site offers you.

5.  The agreement and insurance

 As any other document you should read the all text and if everything is ok than sign it.

6. The process of renting a car at a place

 If you have booked a car before your arrival the renting process should not last more than 30 minutes. Generally you make payment via credit card. The head thing you should know is that you must read the agreement because there are written all abut car petrol status and the other conditions.

7. Costs of car and the ways to save money

The price of renting a car depend on the season, car's class and other conditions. It'll be more economy  if you with friends rent only one car for you all. Plus you should pay extra money for gps and other accessories you wanna have on your car during your journey.

Have a nice trip !


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